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I go to a very good HMO, and have a very smart doctor. He told me that I was due for my first colonoscopy, and I told him that I would prefer to do yearly FIT tests. He is totally fine with that; he said the data support that approach. I would get a colonoscopy if a couple of FIT tests came back positive.

I buy a FIT test every six months for my 94 year old father in law (they are about $30 each). He lives with us; he is in fantastic shape (he has done caloric restriction for decades). I know a fair number of elderly people who ended up dying of colon cancer. His doctor of course is not interested in giving him a colonoscopy, which is how it should be; it would be especially risky for him. But taking the FIT test gives us information. I have no idea what he would want to do with that info if it turns out at some point he has colon cancer, but that will be his business. I do think he has at least another ten years of life expectancy, so it is not crazy to want to know.
2019-05-14 16:28:59