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User Info Ready To Rise Up Yet? Medicine Is KILLING You.; entered at 2019-05-14 16:03:39
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Registered: 2011-06-19
Compelling stuff, but what he said 9 minutes into his talk - is complete bull****.

< < < < He said:
Doctors are unwittingly practicing unethical medicine. Most Doctors want to do the right thing, but they're misinformed. > > > >

****ing nonsense! They KNOW what they are doing because they are getting kickbacks from the drug companies, among other perks. Doc's used to be ethical, but they are all greedy ****ing scum now.

As you so correctly pound the table - THE WHOLE "Health Care" system IS A GIGANTIC RACKET! This scam can't collapse soon enough!

2019-05-14 16:03:39