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User Info The Left's Mouthpiece Accidentally Tells The Truth; entered at 2019-05-14 10:16:41
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In other words basically all, statistically speaking, of those who come illegally into this country as families (that is an adult with one or more kids) fail to establish they are eligible to stay in the United States.

Of those families how many are actually that, a family? If there were a way to prove it, I would even be willing to accept as family any adult who truly has the child's/children's best interest at heart. Even pushing that boundary how many children are still being used as props? The vast majority of them would be my guess.

People rarely act if they don't believe their best interest is at stake. They want to know what are they going to get out of a situation before they act on it. It use to be that many illegals were young men willing to take a risk to break into America so they could make money for their families. They would come into an area, do the manual labor and move to the next area. Of course there were people in those groups who are truly bad people and willing to hide among them so they could cause harm others. But by and large illegals knew they were that ILLEGAL! They knew they were breaking the law and they wanted as little exposure as possible.

Heck I am old enuff to remember actually seeing immigration buses and enforcement and the fear they could strike into certain people.It was mostly males of working age, they would be picked up and deported and possibly losing everything they worked for during the summer. (Which is one of the reasons money is sent back South as soon as possible) But they knew the risk, and were willing to take it so the they could provide a little more for their family.

Risk vs Reward, and when the reward can be greater than the risk people will act in their best interest. Most true risk takers tend to be smarter, harder working and capable than the average person, this is true with criminals too. The higher the reward the greater the risk, the greater the risk the smarter and harder one has to work for it.

Once the bar of risk vs reward is not just lowered but entirely done away with, you get stupid people who are willing to do stupid things and not care one bit about the consequences. What we once had were young men who knew they were breaking the law willing to leave their family so they could send money back to their family. What we have now is young men willing to steal someone else's child to pretend they have a family.

What happens to the children once they are no longer useful to these people, what happened to the child along the journey? Nothing good!

There is a crisis at our borders, but the real crisis is in our stupid law makers and politicians who some how think we should have a system that let's low thinking, low life criminals invade our country. Makes one wonder what their reward is for forcing this risk on American people?
2019-05-14 10:16:41