The Left's Mouthpiece Accidentally Tells The Truth
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2019-05-14 08:22 by Karl Denninger
in Federal Government , 269 references Ignore this thread
The Left's Mouthpiece Accidentally Tells The Truth
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I hate when that happens....

Remember, CNN and others say there's "no crisis" on the border.

They also claim that people who are ordered to show up for court actually do.

Both are lies.

From September 24, 2018, through April 26, 2019, more than 40,000 cases were marked as so-called "family-unit" cases, a DHS designation, according to Executive Office for Immigration Review data. Roughly 8,000 cases have been marked completed. Of those, 7,724 cases ended with removal orders, 6,764 of which were ordered removed because they did not attend their immigration hearings.

85% of the people ordered to appear did not.

97% of the cases that get to court are ruled invalid for asylum.

In other words basically all, statistically speaking, of those who come illegally into this country as families (that is an adult with one or more kids) fail to establish they are eligible to stay in the United States.

What you would say is appropriate if you had some offense in which 85% of the time the people accused jumped bail and 97% of the time they were guilty?  That is, statistically every one of them committed the offense and had no legitimate defense for their actions and 85% of the time the alleged offender refused to submit to the judgment of the court at all, jumping bail and thereby committing a second offense, this one involving sticking their middle finger up at the law and nation itself.

You'd throw every one of them in jail and refuse to release them in the first place as the facts say essentially none of them will or do respect the law.

This is not "immigration" it is an invasion and this little bit of factual truth-telling was published by CNN.

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