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User Info The Grand Fraud of 2019; entered at 2019-04-15 19:57:29
Posts: 28
Registered: 2011-06-19
I don't understand why this **** isn't considered CRIMINAL FRAUD! The people running the Pension Funds and Mutual Funds that buy these garbage IPO's KNOW *******N WELL they are worthless frauds, but they often get kickbacks for helping insiders cash out, and also know when to short this garbage and make disgusting amounts of wealth (personally) when the garbage collapses! It doesn't matter that they are violating their fiduciary duties, because the last 2 bubbles that popped, no one ever paid for it, and no one cares!

This next time down, this **** will be over for 2 generations - that is - if we even manage to survive the next 10 to 20 years, which is quite frankly --- DOUBTFUL!

Karl - the numbers on your header are FAR TOO OPTIMISTIC! All of it is going to ****ing ZERO!

"MARK IT ZERO, DUDE!" (John Goodman in The Big Lebowski)
2019-04-15 19:57:29