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User Info The Grand Fraud of 2019; entered at 2019-04-15 11:07:11
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I don't understand how they couldn't be making money. I tried lift in Boston a few weekends ago for our PAX visit. I'd used Uber a lot as a ride-on passenger on someone elses account in SF years ago, and never really got a comparison of costs.

But I did get some interesting data on Taxi vs Lyft during my Pax weekend. $30 one way for 4 for a 5 mile trip through Boston to Cambridge in a Taxi, that seriously was cramped, smelled like 7 day old moldy socks, and was pretty dirty.

The same trip in a Lyft XL the next day was $20, minivan, plenty of room for 6, clean, smelled OK, the driver offered Bluetooth for our audio enjoyment and was a decent conversationalist. I don't know what Ubers prices were, I refuse to use them based on their sexual harassment scandals, but I was interested in getting some first hand data on some of these rides.

10/10 would do lyft again instead of a taxi. Based on the prices I paid, Lyft definitely has some price room to move to beat out taxis, and based on the quality of the rides, I'd do it again.

2019-04-15 11:07:11