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User Info I Want The Coinage Act Back; entered at 2019-04-14 14:51:09
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Karl said: <I>IF you make said improvement(s) to Real Estate you should ONLY do so because YOU want to live in the resulting space; that is, you do it ONLY for the intangible value. </I>

Yep. All the math I found on websites said it was a waste of money to replace the windows on this house. Wrong. $3800 for windows and I forget, it was cash, $1500 to have them installed including the 1x4 Hardiboard trim. I think the windows have all of the options except internal blinds. :) It's pretty nice to /not/ feel a draft on windy days. Round it up and say the windows cost $5500. The electric bill went down about $50/month. I figure 110 months to "break even". Five years down, four to go.

Then we had the roof replaced along with adding a four foot wide walkway (deck) wrapping most of three sides of the house. The metal roof extends four feet past the original drip line. That shades the house. Plus, the roof is attached to 1x4s screwed into the original roof and R-6 foam board between the 1x4s. That dropped my attic temp down to /at most/ 110F on a bright sunny 100F day. That dropped the electric bill another $50 a month.

The high bill last Summer was $110. That includes running the well for water.

I do stuff to this house because I want to. Resale value be damned! If I really cared I wouldn't have replaced the master bath window with a door... that swings out onto the walkway. Pretty nice, almost like an outside shower. Hey, in the middle of 25 acres, who is going to see you in the bathroom? :)

2019-04-14 14:51:09