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2019-03-29 09:15 by Karl Denninger
in International , 356 references Ignore this thread
Of Course They Can
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The obvious is not something the mainstream media will ever bring up on their own.

That same year, over 28,000 Americans died of overdoses involving the synthetic drug, fentanyl.  Yet, it seemed less of an attention-getter in Washington – and still does – even as the death toll mounts.

The fentanyl mostly comes from the People’s Republic of China – although the media usually downplays or ignores this point – seemingly afraid to mention the ‘C’ word.

The Washington Post did recently publish an article by well-regarded reporter and China expert, John Pomfret, explaining why the Chinese government does not stop the fentanyl flow – despite promising the U.S Government it would do so.

There are plenty of people who argue that like our illicit drug issues with fentanyl China "can't" stop it.

That's crap, as the article points out.

First, China has the most-intrusive surveillance state ever invented or practiced.  They will throw in prison or kill you for simply taking a cheap shot verbally at Xi.  They maintain a "social credit score" that relies on a massive surveillance system that is nationwide and pervasive, intruding upon every single bit of your life.  I suspect if you take a crap and a hemorrhoid bleeds a bit the PRC knows before you get off the pot and see it.

The premise that the Chinese could not stop all of this and that the makers "change formulas" to evade the law is crap too.  In China the law is whatever Xi's jackbooted thugs say it is, right here, right now.  Never mind that making any look-alike chemical compound a banned one would take 30 seconds to do formally -- if the Chinese wanted to.  They don't.

The Chinese cops can do whatever they want.  There is no Constitution.  No 4th Amendment.  No 2nd Amendment.  No 5th Amendment.  The only restraint comes from official CCP desires.

What the CCP desires is to flood the United States with fentanyl.

Heh, it's only 70,000 people a year that die here as a result -- more deaths than the entire Vietnam war.

The Chinese Government is officially responsible, in no small part, for every one of those deaths.

This is, simply put, chemical warfare.