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User Info America Is DONE; entered at 2019-03-21 22:21:02
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Registered: 2015-05-03 Vancouver WA
Now all of the outfits the kid had relationships with are cutting ties with her. Now her ******* parents have made her toxic to the business world AND every college on the planet.


Does anybody have sympathy for whoever it was that was not admitting because of her parents?

I am not against a college education for certain careers, where you should show at least a minimal proficiency, but the vast majority of degrees are a waste of time and money.

But there is at least one kid who worked, studied and tried to do the right thing to get into USC and regardless of the field that kid wanted to study, the opportunity was stolen from them. And these are just the ******* parents and kids (If they are over 18 they have EVERY say in the world) we know about.

How many more people were robbed of a chance?
2019-03-21 22:21:02