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User Info America Is DONE; entered at 2019-03-21 18:03:33
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Registered: 2007-09-10 Scottsdale, AZ

Another great job showing exactly why this country is done. I was reading Charles H. Smith this morning and his take is that the elites need to go at any cost. It almost seemed like he was calling for revolution.

Your comments that no government or person can take from one and give to another is the main point. Our country has been pissing away billions in handouts to people that refuse to work or be productive. The government requests nothing in return so they get nothing in return. We constantly hear people screaming about discrimination, but it never seems to cover those of us that pay all the taxes while the one's screaming are doing the collecting. What logical law would allow anyone, including the government to steal from one person and give it to another? We all have some sort of charitable side to us, but when we are forced to hand it over or go to jail, there is definitely a problem with this system. Our Constitution doesn't say that we have to support others and keeps our rights open and flowing without restriction. Obamacare was the perfect example of a completely illegal law. Forcing millions of Americans to buy the worst crap insurance in history or pay an extortion payment to subsidize those who pay little or nothing. Millions of Americans have been made cash poor because of this law, while million of leeches freely get free doctor visits, ambulance rides and MRI's at our expense.
Today, every entity under the sun is restricting our rights including speech, what we wear, what we worship, what we say, etc. They have gone as far as blaming "white" males as automatic racists because of something called white privilege .
They completely ignore the laws set forth allowing illegals to enter this country and go as far as to protect them even when they commit crimes.
The Fed is nothing but a banker *****house that's actions are illegal in every way. They aim for a 2% inflation rate when the real inflation rate is closer to 10% for those of us not living in the wall street paper world. They intentionally jack the markets increasing income spread and forcing prices up making more and more stuff unaffordable. They make every other terrorist organization look like amateurs while they enrich their masters on a daily basis while shafting the rest of us. There is no rule of law when it comes to wall street or their masters. They don't even try to hide it anymore. Yesterday, when Powell got on his horse to lie to the American people, someone magically dumped $1 billion in gold driving the price down and making it easy for their masters to load up for the Powell speech. Someone made some real money on that manipulated trade.
The street consensus is that now the fed will start cutting rates for their masters while all the credit card rates that jumped an average of 6% will never see the light of day of single digits.
We all see people talk about revolution and it seems the more they push, the angrier people get. All these shootings seem to coincide with the governments going after guns. Will our 2020 election be the turning point where the globalists take power and the crap hits the fan?
2019-03-21 18:03:33