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User Info Still, No Talk About Cost-Push; entered at 2019-02-11 12:06:51
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Registered: 2017-06-26
"The only answer to stop this is -- again -- to collapse price."

That ain't ever happening voluntarily --- so as long as the ignorant masses are the majority. Why? Because the population today reminds me of what the population probably looked like just before Noah built the Ark.

I've come to the firm belief that the "only [true] answer" is an asteroid or some other Malthusian level event. The answer is a "collapse", alright --- a collapse in population.

Unless and until Earth experiences a massive die-off, the situation only shall worsen.

"As the days of Noah were".

Did you ever stop think about the story of Noah and the wicked, wicked world --- and what kind of a collapse in population is sometimes necessary?

Forget about if the story is actually true or not regarding whether Almighty God caused a Great Flood which wiped clean the Earth. Because what's factually true is that there are over 250 separate accounts from diverse cultures all around the globe that tell of how a Great Flood wiped out wickedness. Even the Choctaw and other Native Americans have accounts of a Great Flood.

I don't have to believe in a global flood, but I do believe all of those stories tell me that mankind gets to a point where total collapse becomes necessary; call it, "creative destruction"...

History repeats, because it has to repeat.. I can only hope that the Marxist Nephilim all experience a die-off very soon...

Please: the Grand Solar Minimum can't get here fast enough --- maybe we can get a mini-ice age. Or maybe a pole flip; or maybe our Sun....The Sun is going to wake up in about a year and a half and sunspots should be generated aplenty. Last time it was a Great Flood. Maybe this time it'll be an X25 kill shot from the Sun...

We need an EMP New Deal...

2019-02-11 12:06:51