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User Info Yale Is Unabashedly Racist; entered at 2019-02-11 09:50:17
Posts: 437
Registered: 2017-06-26
As I've repeatedly pointed out (ad nauseum) the White Man has been, is and will be targeted as the founder of an evil culture and the cause of all racial woes.

Soon, the majority of Amerikans (sic) shall attempt a complete purge of white culture, white economics, white religion and white government.

Get ready for the Brown/Black/Yellow New Deal. Everybody, including the Native Amerikan Red Man, is about to pile on the White Man and loot everything he's built including all of Western Civilization...

And yes, the other races by and large (with just a few exceptions) are really that ****ing stupid as to kill the White Goose who laid the the Golden Egg.
2019-02-11 09:50:17