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User Info DemonCraps Exposed; entered at 2019-02-10 18:49:31
Posts: 29
Registered: 2013-04-17
<i>For those who still believe Trump did not cave on the government shut down, please explain how our country is better off because he lifted the shut down for 21 days without getting anything in return?</i>

Because it is _now_ on the Democrats. As in, "I tried to negotiate, they will not."

Detention facilities? How about ZERO K. Get finger printed and iris scanned and back to Mexico with you until your hearing comes up. Let Mexico feed the invaders.

Build the wall. Build it tall and solid. None of this bull**** electronic sensor crap. Close and LOCK the door to our house. Maybe with a no man zone full of land mines on the other side, too.

With a solid wall, they have to invade through the gates.

2019-02-10 18:49:31