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rendering the now-common practice of running a third shift for industrial purposes (when demand charges are lower) impossible due to lack of solar energy across America during that time.

Yeah, about that... I used to be involved in the growing of monocrystalline silicon, some of which was used for solar cells. These crystals need more than 24hrs to grow, with a continuous input of >100kw during the process (assuming a ~200mm diameter). You can grow shorter crystals, but the cost & energy/materials input per unit goes up pretty dramatically as a result. So either no more solar cells, or your cost goes up by a lot.

(edit). If you're talking about 300mm diameter (which is the basis for all modern semiconductor process technology), forget it altogether. 3 day minimum, with much higher input power. So you're limited to small diameter wafers. No more Intel, AMD.... you see where this is going.

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2019-02-10 13:43:09