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User Info Bye-Bye Truckers....; entered at 2019-02-10 12:14:44
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Ktrosper -
Maybe their safety record will be 10x human safety.

On paper it will be. Many laws are stupid and need to be interpreted on the fly, kind of in the way Vernonb is expressing.

Amazon is a billion dollar company, solely because they are willing to lose billions of dollars. I do not think too hard on that, as it hurts my head. They will spend ridiculous amounts of money they do not have to make sure their "Safety Record" is ridiculously good. They will get the equivalent to a red light camera once every six months or so, just to prove to the rest of us they are still human.

This is bigger than just Amazon.

It has been proven Amazon is willing to take losses to gain customers.....You know the old we will make up for it in volume trick they became "successful" on. A small delivery needs to go from CA to Vermont. No problem says Amazon, we can get it there in Xday's for Xprice, we have the distribution centers already set up.

Bye-Bye Goes the small to midsize trucking firms. Amazon will do it quicker and cheaper, Bye-bye goes the larger trucking firms as they do not have the capital to expand into Amazons newly established territory.

Oh that load that they just picked up from CA going to Vermont, they know everything about it now too. If it is a mom & pop how long will they be allowed to stay in business.

But it is all good, cuz Amazon WILL have a spectacular safety record that adheres to ALL county and state laws, no matter how stupid.
2019-02-10 12:14:44