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User Info Bye-Bye Truckers....; entered at 2019-02-10 11:41:19
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Registered: 2015-05-03 Vancouver WA
So what does happen after a crash? Life happens in strange ways, especially when you cram 10's of thousands of strangers on a strip of asphalt and expect them to behave like a single unit.....Which they actually do a decent job of.

Robots, in this case computer code cannot think, nor can it have emotion, so why is it no surprise a soulless, mindless company like Amazon is in front of this.

Unexpected events can happen in a moment while driving, events that require thinking and emotion. Fear is sometimes a good (or bad) motivator in making choices on the road. The law can also be mindless and emotionless how it treats drivers. If the computer code is acting within the prescribed laws, and they can have them set to take effect the moment they cross state or county lines, good luck on having Amazon share any of the data with you. Especially when they know they are at fault.

Can cops ticket them? If not how much revenue will be lost? If the loss is significant they will be looking to make up for it through other means.

If the rate autonomous trucks get into at fault accidents declines greatly, will the rate of their insurance also go down? Who will pay the insurance companies lost revenue?

I am sure the computer code is written to recognize shapes and objects, a human shape being one, or a baby stroller. So a bad guy or gal could toss a mannequin in front of the truck forcing it to stop. At the minimum it would take several minutes for the mannequin to be cleared. How much can be stolen or damage done during those few minutes?

To feed into WiFi's twisted post above :p

What happens in that scenario if several other autonomous trucks are stopped and disabled at once?
2019-02-10 11:41:19