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User Info Bye-Bye Truckers....; entered at 2019-02-10 11:26:23
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@Asimov -- They don't actually bypass, they are checked once.

Same basic deal as I outlined above -- the trailers are sealed and verified at the first station, and the cab has a transponder in it. That's what that "Thigny" pointing sort of at your windshield is before the weigh stations; it's a near-field RF interrogator.

The cab has a transponder in it and is interrogated as the truck approaches; if it's been cleared previously the driver is signaled to bypass the inspection. It's capable of being gamed to SOME extent at present but driverless trucks with sensors all over the trailer and cab integrated into that system will make it MUCH harder to game down the road, since such sensor systems can use cryptographic keying in their messaging and if gamed and caught the responsible parties will be able to have liability positively laid upon them.
2019-02-10 11:26:23