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User Info Bye-Bye Truckers....; entered at 2019-02-10 11:19:18
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@Tonythetiger -- LIDAR systems are not "cameras", and they can (and will) augment with millimeter-wave radar that can see through fog. VERY heavy precipitation will cut the range materially but that's trivially responded to by programming the system to not run at a speed that exceeds current sensor range in terms of ability to stop. Unlike a human that has to guess the computer knows, to the inch, what that range is.

The systems are expensive as hell but with volume cost will come down. Even so we're talking about a year's salary for the hardware yet it will pay for itself in six months anyway since there is no "houring out" for a computer. In another few years the hardware will be MUCH cheaper but even today it's a big economic win.

Inspections? On each end, and not in the middle. The trailer is sealed and monitored full-time from end-to-end; no truck inspection station stops as is the case now, since the trailer cannot be opened while in transit. If anyone violates the seals the vehicle pulls off the road, stops and signals for the DOT dudes to descend on it.

If a system failure occurs the vehicle pulls over and signals for assistance; another cab shows up, the first one drops the load and the second picks it up, continuing onward in a couple of hours.

Long-haul trucking is done.
2019-02-10 11:19:18