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2019-02-10 11:04 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 332 references Ignore this thread
The Gift That Keeps Giving
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The media is trying to cover it up, and so is Occasional Kotex's "spokesman".

Cover up what?  Damn near everything this nutball has spouted, but which can't work.

Even "business insider" has tried to get in on it.

Then there's the "actual resolution" that was put up on the House page, and which now has near-universal buy-in from everyone on the left who has announced they're running for President in 2020.

That resolution is missing some of the actual points that were sold to the public.

Let's cut the crap folks: A "Green New Deal" would, if implemented:

  • Put every coal miner out of work.

  • Put almost every existing car assembler out of work.

  • Put every oil company employee -- including all the roughnecks -- out of work.

  • Ground every aircraft, and put every Boeing employee out of work.

  • Put every air traffic controller out of work.

  • Put every gas station owner and employee, along with all the convenience stores associated with them, out of work.

  • Make personal travel between points more than 200-odd miles distant require 2-3x as much time to accomplish due to the impossibility of doing so without extended periods at charging stations.  This will essentially end the freedom to personally travel beyond 200 miles of one's permanent residence in the United States.

  • Make personal round-trip travel of more than 100-odd miles from home physically impossible without 2+ hour layovers in the middle for the same reason.  For example, it would be physically impossible for me to drive from my home to Pensacola and back without risking being stranded, unless there was a charging station in Pensacola and I was willing and able to remain there for 2+ hours while I recharged my car.

  • Shut down all of the nuclear infrastructure in the United States (some 100+ power reactors) without any way to contain their current fuel and safely consume what remains of it.  Oh, and put all the people who work there (nearly all of whom have good-paying jobs) out of work.

  • Triple the cost of electrical power in the United States.  For industrial users this would be ruinously expensive and destroy what manufacturing remains in this country, putting all of those employees out of work.

  • Make nighttime power intermittent in accessibility, rendering the now-common practice of running a third shift for industrial purposes (when demand charges are lower) impossible due to lack of solar energy across America during that time.  Forced curtailment (read: blackouts) are unavoidable under such a generation mandate since there is insufficient 100% available base load power that can be generated by renewable sources in the United States.

  • The rise in power cost would likely double the cost of "cloud computing" in the United States; power is the primary expense of running large data centers.  They will all move offshore and fire everyone who works there, putting them all out of work.

  • Your electric bill will double and, if you use natural gas for heat today, that will disappear.  In areas too cold for economic use of a heat pump (anything north of the middle of the nation, basically) your winter heating costs will skyrocket by 300-500% as the only "legal" alternative will be electrical resistance heat.  Montana and the Dakotas, along with the northern part of Minnesota and the UP of Michigan will become economically uninhabitable.

At the same time this "Green New Deal" promises to provide "economic and health care security" to everyone irrespective of whether they are able or willing to work, irrespective of whether they are CITIZENS or not (yes, the OFFICIAL RESOLUTION includes illegal invaders as it says PERSONS, not CITIZENS) and irrespective of whether they intentionally poison themselves.  "Free" and unlimited medical care for every 300+lb fattie who gorges on donuts and drinks themselves half to death (as we do now) can't be paid for today; we spend $400 billion of federal and state money on avoidable expense right here and now every year as a result of coddling adults who refuse to stop eating fast carbs rather than "offend" them by telling them to cut that crap out or get nothing.  That spending is already exponentially increasing and if not stopped now will bankrupt the nation within the next six years.

If you think this "deal" would be some "economic renaissance" you're out of your mind.  The economic impact of such a "Green New Deal" would be the annihilation of our economy.  No other nation will go along with anything approaching this sort of suicide pact; we will be left alone while all the other nations of the world, especially China, feast on what used to be our economic strengths.

Couple this with what we now know is the state of our military given the investigation into the Fitzgerald collision and it would simply be a matter of time before one of those nations (cough-China-cough-cough!) blew us to bits.  Xi is laughing his ass off right now over in Beijing at the rank stupidity of the American public and political class which has bought into that which cannot occur without catastrophic outcomes as for the promised "good" outcomes to occur you must be able to violate the laws of physics.

I opined not long ago that Trump had no chance of a 2nd term.

I've changed my mind -- there's not a single Democrat who has serious intent of running in 2020 yet has not signed onto this bullcrap and the Republicans and Trump are going to take all of the above points and make said Democrats have their tonsils tickled from the bottom with each and every one of the above points -- and more.

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