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I was 13 years old in 1965, the year the Medicare hearings and debates were held, and were widely reported in newspapers and on radio and television. Well do I remember thinking that the whole thing was part of an elaborate deceit whose end was to destroy the economy and the republic. At that time my state (Alabama) had two democrat senators (Sparkman and Hill, I believe), and an even split between democrat and republican congressmen (in my district it was Robert Jones-D)--every one of the congressmen voted in lock-step against passage of those Social Security amendments (which I found exceedingly odd); both senators voted "Yea".

But all the "old" people around me were pretty ecstatic that all of their health care was going to be "FREE" from then on. (Not really, granny.)

A couple of years ago I read every word of the 1935 Social Security testimony and debates. Might as well call it the "pie in the sky" act.
2019-01-10 23:45:09