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Well, we know Medicare is the left wing success story. How many Americans know it is this close to zero? This is a pretty good slice of salary over 40 years of work, when you can't get a dime paid before 65, unless you are on disability. Then, you still have to pay a premium and deductible and copay.

One question is this the reason there is a sudden scream from the left to have Medicare for all? Are they in a panic to shift the cost of Medicare to younger people thru more tax and more premiums to cover up what appears to be failure of epic proportions? How would socialism look to people, if a life funded plan blew to bits?

I wrote on my blog today, about the current impasse over the wall. Trump is claiming emergency and the idiots ask where. The damn thing has been an emergency for 20 years. It has merely spread out. Like 10 tons of **** spread around 100 acres with 10 ton loads coming daily. The politicians have been talking like they are together on this issue until time comes to do something. I think it is a partisan talking point issue to sell the 2 parties and neither has any intention of solving it. The government is loaded with such issues consisting of wars, trade policies, health care and so on. Of course we have the budget issue. I guess that's why so many women are showing up, as no one has balls in either of these houses.

I see these people speak. We could take the names of people attending a 100,000 capacity football crowd and draw 435 out of the drum for the house every 2 years and 33 for the Senate and not do worse than those that are elected. The Junior Senator from CA couldn't run an animal shelter. Ditto either from NY. These 2 states have a combined 60 million people.

The left wants government health care. Their programs screwed the system up to start. The system is a racket. If 5% of your lifetime income plus premium, deductible and copays can't pay health care for the rest of ones life, discounted, then something is wrong. For every person who drags on and on, there is one, like my Dad, who laid down and didn't wake up. Dad had a hospitalization for cellulitis and to the best of my knowledge, never tapped the system otherwise.

Democrats keep talking about this issue, like everything is okay and it's free. The truth is, if they get their way, I suspect it is going to impact the economic lives of people who rarely would use the system to the point many will get sick out of economic stress. Who gives a **** about health care, if it enslaves you? I don't believe there is 2 cents of difference between what they are pushing and peonage, that we are permanently contracted to labor for an industry without compensation and cannot ever pay our bills. Private and public peonage are against the law.
2019-01-10 21:59:47