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User Info Civil War 2 On Deck; entered at 2019-01-10 20:08:07
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Registered: 2013-12-25
So, I gave him my Standard Offer, of an M1 rifle, justly praised by General Patton, a bayonet, and several cartridge belts of my finest hand-loaded ammo, and then HE could "do something about Saddam Hussein", personally.

That's similar to something I told a liberal when George Clooney was saying the US Army needed to clean up Somalia: Georgie-boy can buy a bunch of rifles, recruit some people and go show us how it should be done and stop trying to sacrifice other people's kids.

So, Congresscum Levin, step up, recruit your army of traitors show us how you're going to fight in the streets.
2019-01-10 20:08:07