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"In addition we spend upwards of a quarter trillion dollars a year catering to people's insatiable desire to stuff fast carbs down their pie hole and literally kill themselves instead of telling them to cut that crap out or get nothing. If they did cut that out not only would we not need to spend the money all the bad things that later come to them, such as having your foot cut off or going blind wouldn't happen."

Getting a foot cut off or going blind sounds wonderful compared with what is happening to my 56 y.o. brother. He has stage three cirrhosis of the liver due to obesity (not due to drinking). He has a 50 percent chance of surviving two years; a 30-40 percent chance of surviving five years, given that he already has ascites (abdominal fluids). He does have a hepatologist now, who is the head of a department that has a transplant center. So maybe they'll find him a liver. I would offer (you can donate part of your liver), but the donor needs to be bigger than or comparable to the recipient in size, and he is 6'2" and weighs 355 pounds and I am 5'4" and weigh 136 pounds. Also I am 55 y.o. and that is the typical cut-off for age, although some centers will go up to age 60 for donors. If you donate you will never be able to buy life insurance again, and never be able to buy health insurance again on a real market; it is major surgery.

He has good health insurance (for now) through his wife's work (she is a schoolteacher)(his health insurance as a college professor is actually not great it turns out). That would cover the surgery. But then there is the $3,000/month cost of the anti-rejection drugs, for the rest of your life. Insurance often doesn't cover that. We can afford it as a family - my mom has money, I have money (my brother and sister in law earn a lot but are broke naturally), at least as things are now. But when Medicare goes south, as Karl is saying, it will pull the other systems down with it. Maybe we could take him to India; you can get a transplant there for 60k; you have to bring your own donor, but I bet they wouldn't object to using my liver; what's it to them.
2019-01-10 16:27:12