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User Info Civil War 2 On Deck; entered at 2019-01-10 13:29:07
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Registered: 2017-04-29 DeKalb, Illinois
I was once in attendance for an after the final exam bash at one of the local pubs. This was before Bush the Junior made his terrible mistake in Iraq. One of the males present said, "We should do something about Saddam Hussein!" As an old grunt Vietnam Veteran, a true rarity in academia, I inquired as to what he meant by "we"? I asked him if he had a mouse in his pocket. He looked perplexed. So, I gave him my Standard Offer, of an M1 rifle, justly praised by General Patton, a bayonet, and several cartridge belts of my finest hand-loaded ammo, and then HE could "do something about Saddam Hussein", personally. The professor looked at me in horror. The jerk started immediately backtracking. And I told him that true victory was achieved when an infantryman comes out of the tyrant's bunker displaying his severed head, and proudly announced that, "We got the bastard!" Anything else was just noise.
2019-01-10 13:29:07