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User Info Civil War 2 On Deck; entered at 2019-01-10 10:56:40
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Registered: 2016-12-26 St. Augustine, FL
1. He'll claim it was "sarcasm" or some other such bull**** like that other jackass did with the nukes & gun confiscation hubbub a few weeks ago. California communists and leftists in general can make any threat they want and toss a "just kidding!" at the end and not go to jail. They are the only ones with such privileges.

2. Shhh... don't interrupt an adversary while they're making a catastrophic mistake. (They haven't got all the guns yet!)

Wifi, I really wish that were true but it's pretty clear now that Trumptastic hasn't the fortitude of sack to make a distinction regarding actual enemies vs the boilerplate stupidity from the dims, particularly the ones from the Left Coast. Besides that, WE are the enemies because we deign to think for ourselves and use such heresies as facts and reason and ****. Also, I'm not entirely sure a solid case could be made that these people do truly owe allegiance to the US. I haven't seen much evidence of that in my several decades on this rock.
2019-01-10 10:56:40