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I had first hand experience with all this BS when I had an accident in mid 2017. My left hand was damaged in a bike accident and I needed the tendon repaired and skin grafts. After the initial surgeries to clean and prep the wound, they fixed the tendon and did the graft. The tendon didn't hold and I had the feeling they knew it wouldn't hold. In surgery 5, they went in and fixed it again, when in fact they should have done a transplant. I asked the surgeon several times before the first surgery if the tendon was still good and couldn't get a straight answer from him, so I went along with fixing it. That one broke too and I was really getting frustrated that these clowns didn't know what they were doing. After the 6th surgery, I went in because I thought I felt a stitch break and was right when they pulled the bandage. I small hole was where the stitch broke and I wanted it fixed. A substitute doctor was in the office and told the nurse to fill it with cotton and it will heal on it's own. I told him that the stitch needed replacing and he just walked out. The next day I saw my regular surgeon for an evaluation and told him that I was there the day before and what happened. When he pulled the bandage, there was a hole the size of a quarter where the stitch was. I would literally see my tendon moving within the hole and the doctor couldn't believe I had no pain. When he saw the hole, he completely freaked and told the nurse to arrange an emergency surgery that afternoon. He even told me to pick the hospital that was most convenient for me which they never do. I could see the fear in this guys eyes of possible sepsis and he wanted to get it fixed. Now he wanted to do a transplant and explained the procedure and it happened that night. What was really unusual was that the wound healed at three times the rate of the previous surgeries. My therapist even commented on this and never saw a wound seal that fast.
That made me wonder if they have procedures to speed up healing, but only use it in major emergencies...Like a possible lawsuit.
This was in October of 2017 and once January 1, 2018 came around and I found that a new deductible started, I never heard from these guys again. I could no longer see the therapist unless I wanted to pay the $85 co-pay on my policy per visit plus the $800 a month in premiums. I completely believe that a least a couple of these surgeries could have been avoided if the doctor had spent more time explaining things. I in fact completely agree with the article that they do as little to fix the problem so you have to keep coming back.

The math worked out like this: I pay $9600 a year in premiums, had a $5600 deductible to reach full coverage. It didn't include all the bandages and other BS I had to deal with while recovering. This is with a real policy that Obamacare destroyed due to their insane coverage requirements. How many people can fork out this kind of cash for an emergency like this?
2019-01-10 10:24:21