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User Info Cut The Crap - NOW; entered at 2019-01-02 23:31:17
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Registered: 2017-06-26
"You can't outrun your fork".

Yes, very true.

Not as long as "your" fork is covered in ****. Mine isn't, so I could out-walk my fork; I could out-crawl it; I could out-climb it. I could out-swim it (which is my preferred form of exercise just like was Jack LaLanne's). I'm not getting into all of the reasons why swimming is the most superior form of exercise, but suffice it to say that swimming exercises every part of the body with a very low risk of injury --- unless you do something really ****ing stupid like dive in a shallow pool and break your neck.

Currently, we are running an experiment on what goes on my wife's fork and her friend's fork, too. The two of them are eating a diet high in protein and moderate in fat with less than 5% carbs, preferably none. The experiment also includes taking exogenous ketones. Exogenous ketones are a waste of money as far as I'm concerned; however, my wife and her friend want to see for themselves. For now, we are leaving out freshly juiced greens and going mostly with meat, nuts, unsweetened yogurt, cheese, almond milk, etc....

My wife's friend (who had a diet rich in carbs) has lost over 50lbs in three months and reports a boost from the ketones and is feeling in really good health without suffering any ill affects even when first starting out on the diet. My wife just started the diet yesterday after having a check-up and extensive blood-work done just about a week ago. She has deliberately allowed herself to pack on some extra pounds over the holidays from back before Thanksgiving (and had a lot of fun doing it) because gluttony and filling her fork full of **** was a lot of fun.

Now, she's on a strict diet and we'll see what we see.
2019-01-02 23:31:17