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User Info Cut The Crap - NOW; entered at 2019-01-02 13:17:36
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Wa9, Bob had a comment on your question: Where are high-deductible policy people going for care? Couple ideas...

1- Latin american clinics. (Clinica Hispana, Bryan TX, which has huge signs on the front window like "Consulta, $35"). The Latinos here called "BS" on the healthcare billing crap. So they opened a clinic with long hours and prices listed on the front. Talk about transparent! Looks like care with a couple of tests closer to $100, rather than hundreds or more at regular doctors.
2- Sliding scale health clinics. Lone Star Circle of Care, for example. Because they work with lower income, they probably do a better job of letting you know what your bill will be, in advance, when you ask, and what your discount is based on income, as opposed to Chargemaster type healthcare providers, who "run it through your insurance" and then shock YOU with a huge padded bill because of the deductible.
3 - Online consults such as Youtuber, Dr. Ken Berry ($60 consult)
4- Enormous chargemaster healthcare providers will bill you out the kazoo for anything and everything, (building fees, tests of all sorts, facility fees, etc) trying to get maximum insurance money and Medicare/Medicaid money. HOWEVER, i heard some have a new policy: if you make under 200% of federal poverty guidelines (FPG), they ZERO OUT what you PERSONALLY owe for non-emergency care, whether you are insured or not! You just need to go into financial counseling (with proof of income, which they check on all those online credit type agencies) to obtain the "Financial Assistance Policy".

TICKERGUY: Isn't This 4th point interesting, in many different respects! Heck, why buy ANY insurance, with a deal like that, if you are a family making less than around 50k? Perhaps this giant health care company saw that their product was completely unaffordable to "regular" median income families, and just said "Heck, we'll just be FREE." We'll operate from proceeds from medicare/medicaid and insurance co's." Healthcare costs have diverted SO much from what avg. people ACTUALLY make, it is just insanely ridiculous. Perhaps This new policy is addressing this?
2019-01-02 13:17:36