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User Info Cut The Crap - NOW; entered at 2019-01-02 12:17:22
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Registered: 2016-02-11 Pacific Northwest
In my area, 3 medicare/medicaid medical and/or dental clinics have opened, with an income-based fee schedule.

Where the money came from to build these I have no idea, probably taxpayers via grants and .gov giveaways. What infuriates me is that these subsidized clinics are taking patients away from private clinics-- so the taxes of private enterprise are being used to squeeze private enterprise.

One new clinic in Pullman, WA, Unify Dental, must have cost $2.5 million to get up and running. It's part of a chain of community health clinics in the state. Big business in Medicaid it seems.
2019-01-02 12:17:22