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User Info Cut The Crap - NOW; entered at 2019-01-02 10:50:00
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Social Security may not be as big a problem as Medicare, in fact, as you note it might be savable...but why bother?

My opinion..detailed here:
and : that SS was created as a disguise for a broad based income tax in the midst of the great a government starved of cash and with a not so happy population. Try to raise get tarred and feathered.... but call it a "retirement program" for grandma and you might just get away with it....and they have for 80 years now...But that's all it is...a broad based 12.3% income tax disguised as a much loved and much demanded entitlement.

But...even if we don't agree on the roots of social security...can it stand on it's own legs today? Morally...not a chance. Social Security is not so different than obamacare...use government force to require everyone participate in a giant ponzi scheme.
Now...admittedly, it's not such a bad deal for everyone....but for some it is if you die at 61.
So I say if it's so great, make participation voluntary. A 30 year old making $50k a year could stay in SS...or keep that 12.3%....about $500 a month. That's not chump change and while sure...many would******it away, that's really none of my business.

One more thing...the odds of the SS trust fund making it through a breakup of the US...something occasionally discussed here is slim to none....I hope that doesn't happen but certainly give it a greater than 0% probability. Personally...given the chance....i would opt out and keep that 12.3%...and my guess is, so would 75% of the population....and the whole thing would collapse on itself in just a few years. Of course...bigger things would crash and break first...which is why it will never be allowed.
2019-01-02 10:50:00