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User Info Cut The Crap - NOW; entered at 2019-01-02 09:30:10
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Registered: 2014-05-19 Chic
a) as part of Obamacare, teh cost of Medicaid is being gradually pushed down to teh states. Its not much over the first few years but pushing costs elsewhere to somebody elses "P&L" is not "productivity" or reducing costs.

b) the concept of insurance used to be to insurance against catastrophic loss. I was Treasurer and risk manager of a 4,000 person manufacturing company. we were able to self insure major medical and workers comp insurance but with "caps". 25 years ago we had a max payout on any loss of 1 million.

same thing with property and casualty insurance. Insurance companies do not want to process small claims. the paperwork is too expensive. The rule of the day was higher deductibles.

there never was any such thing as a free lunch. Somebody always has to pay.
2019-01-02 09:30:10