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User Info So About 41...; entered at 2018-12-05 09:18:15
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Never liked him or his family. I especially didn't like the way he forced himself on Ronald Reagan. Yeah, that's right, he wasn't Reagan's first choice.

I'm not getting into the long list of reasons why I wish he never survived the day when his plane was hit with enemy fire, but suffice to say I view him and his clan as enemies of the Constitution --- including the time he thought that quitting the NRA was "the right thing to do". I have no problem with people quitting the NRA for all the right reasons, but he didn't.

We live in Houston, and from time to time we have bumped into he and his family. Can't say they aren't nice white folks with outstanding manners and likeability. On their face the Bushes are indeed beautiful people. And for the lesser of two evils sake, I wish Daddy had beaten Bill Clinton for the same reason I supported Trump over the Witch.

Supporting a Bush over a Clinton, well, that doesn't mean I have to like a Bush or wish him well.

Read my lips: GTH (go to hell).

2018-12-05 09:18:15