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2018-12-05 08:52 by Karl Denninger
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So About 41...
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State funerals.


The King is dead!  Long live the King?

I don't know.  "Bush 41" was pretty-much the last President who got what he had politically coming to him for lying to voters.  Read my lips: No new taxes will go down in infamy as the single sentence that doomed him.

Should it have?  Yes.

Should it have doomed those who followed?  Yes, but it didn't.

If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor.

Health care (and insurance) costs will go down (they instead doubled or more in most cases.)


I will say this much -- Bush was probably the last real President when it comes to white family values.  Married once, young, and stayed that way -- with class too.  There was never a question as to whether the Bushes did it for power, money, or other political games (cough-Hitlery-cough-Mooshelle-cough-cough-cough.)  Nor was there ever any question of anyone getting any sort of affirmative action, nor did the female half play games with the law and law firms.  Barbara preceded him in death, but not by much; perhaps he just knew it was time to join her.

There is plenty to argue with politically when it comes to 41.  Taking Colin Powell's advice not to kill them all after routing the invasion of Kuwait -- a war we had every right to be in, given that a friend of ours took tanks and soldiers over their border -- was, in my opinion, a big mistake.  It led to the Iraq quagmire and lots of American blood spilled years later when Bush-the-junior took "revenge" and cooked up a pot of lies to justify it too.  It would have all been avoided had 41 told Colin to stick his advice up his colon and simply blown every single man and piece of gear on the one road back to Iraq to Hell where they belonged.  Instead he let them go.

I despite the Bush "family dynasty" garbage with every fiber of my body.  It's crap and no more legitimate than the Kennedy clan.  That it kicked off not just a second President but a governor who tried to make it a third President after giving driver licenses to terrorists that killed 3,000 Americans ought to be enough depose the entire lot of them to somewhere like Somalia or pre-Clinton Rwanda. Jeb deserves a life prison sentence for that -- with Bubba-the-rapist as a cellmate. When the other two die they'll both get profanity-laced screeds on this page, assuming I'm still publishing here.

But as an individual man and couple with Barbara, like his politics or hate 'em, you can't argue with the result.

It's rare for me to issue Rest in Peace to a politician -- most get Rest in Pieces.

This guy's the exception but not for political reasons -- simply because he was the last President who actually gave a crap about nuclear families and lived what he preached.

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