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User Info Revolt Or Collapse: Pick One; entered at 2018-11-23 12:47:24
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Registered: 2017-06-26
"Revolt or Collapse: pick one".

I choose both, because that's just what is going to happen, i.e., collapse first, then a revolt.

But here's the problem: the revolt won't be because the ignorant & immoral masses what less government intervention. No, they'll want more. More Socialist Security, not less. Socialist Security is a false security. Period. Government never has nor never shall be able to run ANY collective program for the long-term good of "The People".

Are we earning anything, yet? In 1620 theocratic socialism sounded great on paper. The math added up, too. But how did it actually work out? Yeah, the Indians ended up bailing out what was left of the social collective. This time around the Indians won't be there when the Socialist Security checks bounce or are inflated back into thin air and nobody knows how to feed and care for themselves.

Why do so few want to face the truth? "We the People" are solely responsible for our own retirement not as a collective, but as individuals. Did we not learn anything from the abject failure of 1620 religious communism? Government couldn't even provide on a small scale what was promised, and they were mostly a tightly knit group of Christians. "Share and share alike"? Right? Sounds good? Right? Give me a break. That's not how the real world works. Life isn't a Disney movie. And government can't make it so.

Call it Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, Welfare or call it what you do. I call all of it Marxism because there's very little difference between the two. And Marxism is an immoral and unworkable system of government that always ends up as a killing machine.... Always.

Today and everyday I'm so thankful that all of my immediate family understands how all this is going to eventually play out: collapse and revolt and then it turns into a fully blown killing-machine.
2018-11-23 12:47:24