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User Info Shooting in CA; entered at 2018-11-08 21:15:41
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Registered: 2010-03-10 Ventura County, California
I grew up in the area, and had returned to live there a few years ago... though now I moved to a different area.
So is the college in this town one of the places where white men are publicly and loudly called every name in the book

No, its predominantly white, and fairly conservative by California standards. Kind of a mini-Orange County. It's a somewhat isolated exurb of Los Angeles, upscale, quiet... the kind of place where folks move to to get out of the city so their kids can go to nice schools and live in peace. Riff raff is priced out of the real estate market. It's heavily policed, and it's been one of the top 5 "safest cities in the US" for years.
2018-11-08 21:15:41