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User Info How To Commit Planetary Suicide; entered at 2018-11-08 14:05:50
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Registered: 2018-11-08 Colorado
Greg Bears books The Forge of God and Anvil of Stars deal with this topic. Basically, the universe is a dangerous place and all intelligent life hides itself and its radio and other emissions to reduce the chances of being discovered and destroyed. Obviously, we are stupidly blasting ours into the cosmos.

As a result, Earth is discovered by Von Neumann machines (self replicating) and easily destroyed.

The universe is divided into two factions. One group enforces the death penalty for any civilization/race that makes self replicating machines. Regardless of how many thousands or millions of years might have passed, regardless of whether the alien race even remembers having done so or if it was accidental, they are to be hunted down, wiped out, and their planets destroyed in return.
Anvil of Stars deals with some of the few human survivors (saved by that faction) being given a Ship of Law to hunt down and destroy their killers.

As an aside, Alien life hiding itself out of fear could be a reason we have not found any. Is it unlikely, probably. Is it worth taking that chance? Absolutely not.
2018-11-08 14:05:50