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User Info Waking Up To Proposals...; entered at 2018-11-07 14:33:28
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Regarding WA state
gonewest wrote..
I read through the entire text of the referendums. Boring, complicated, and very hard to understand. I would bet everything I own that less than 10% of the people that voted actually read anything but the titles.

Indeed. The problem with 1639 right out of the blocks was that the signatures were collected on forms where the entire text of the ballot measure was not printed, and the text was microscopic.

The instant lawsuit over it was tossed by the state supreme court "because it wasn't a law yet", even though the suit was about the ballot initiative violations.

I-1639 also has something like 17 components, where ballot initiatives are required to be about ONE single issue.

The opposition advertisements focused on how it would "make personal defense weapons useless", which was a pretty weak argument compared to the outrageous items such as:
- Buy any semi auto rifle or handgun and you instantly waive your HIPPA rights. The friggin' dog catcher could get your medical records.
- The state will re-run your background check every year (!). The $50 fee on top of buying your weapon is supposed to offset that, but it is (so far...) a one time fee, so this becomes an unfunded liability for the state.

From where I'm sitting, the blue wave did happen. We've still got Maria Cantwell, and the libs are going after cops.

So far the "carbon tax" is the only thing trailing. Once the dead people and convicts get done voting I'm sure it will pass.

2018-11-07 14:33:28