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User Info Waking Up To Proposals...; entered at 2018-11-07 13:41:01
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Mangymutt said:

Some might think Karl is a little off about how far reaching FL doggie racing ban might be taken. Yea he might just be off....but it is doubtful.

Here is an article about a horse who sued it's owner.

Looks like it is time to stop neutering your pets and time to start neutering the pet's lawyer.

But in all seriousness how long before that practice is deemed as animal cruelty?

Though I abhor animal cruelty pets are not people (at least they aren't suppossed to be). How long before the animal welfare guys are no different than the child welfare people sticking their noses into a family's private business just hoping to find something to lock up the parents or to take the kids away?

Animals can't lie but control officers can.

2018-11-07 13:41:01