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User Info Waking Up To Proposals...; entered at 2018-11-07 10:04:20
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Registered: 2015-05-03 Vancouver WA
This WA state gun confiscation thing can get quite interesting. I am no lawyer but will this law set WA state up to allow cops to enter your home without a warrant?

Fortunatly the vast majority of gun owns do so responsibly and wish to obey decent laws. The criminals of course do not care what law they break. Fred: "Hey Bob did you register that gun" Bob: "Um no, I didn't know I needed to" Fred: "Damn it Bob how are we supposed to rob this house if you can't even take the time to register the gun properly".....Yea Fred and Bob REALLY care about this law.

Teacher to 3rd grade class: "Part of your assignment today is tell us were all the dangerous items in your house are" Susie: "But mommy and daddy said I shouldn't tell anyone were the guns are" Hmmmmm under mandatory notification laws the teachers are supposed to inform the "authorities" of any threats to a child. So if it is already not written into the law, something stupid like this will shortly be incorporated in it.

Now does that give the state the right to search your property without a warrant? It is doubtful, but the state can now send out one of their Highly Trained social workers to speak to you at your house. That can and probably will go down hill rather quickly.

Of course mom and dad will lose their gun, but have no fear Fred and Bob will bring theirs.
2018-11-07 10:04:20