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2018-11-07 05:57 by Karl Denninger
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Waking Up To Proposals...
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Michigan legalized recreational marijuana yesterday.  It will not fully take effect for about two years, but it happened.  While I expect there will be some "hicksterism" among the cops up there for a while I also expect there will be some Sheriff expulsions (and maybe some local police chief ones) if they still arrest and/or ticket people for it as of this morning.

Florida went nearly full retard.  The amendment to add an additional exemption for homestead property taxes failed, while the rest... not so much.  Rental and commercial property tax escalator tax caps (which were in force but due to expire) passed, and the only other good amendment was a supermajority requirement to impose new taxes and fees, or lift the level of existing ones.  Sounds good, except that of course it has exemptions -- including schools which is, of course, the largest single line item on a property tax bill.  But what this does do is make imposing an income tax nearly impossible, even if the Governorship goes Democrat.  Which it didn't, thank Ghod.

However, the "dog racing ban" did pass.  Which doesn't bother me so much.  No, it's the fact that animal rights are now in the Florida Constitution, and that sentence wasn't on the ballots.  It's easy to hate dog racing.  What actually passed may be used to ban hunting and fishing, in all of its forms, never mind any other form of animal husbandry -- including for food. Yes, I'm serious; this sort of outrageous hiding of the ball ought to have gotten the proponents hung but of course the so-called "State Supreme Court" didn't stop this horse**** before it occurred.  Countdown to this stupidity in 5.....4.......  I'm glad I sold my boat.

Illinois got a (very) rich Democrat governor.  Have fun *******.  He basically bought the office but I bet he finds there's a huge **** sandwich he can't swallow once he closes the door.  I'm going to enjoy watching that state drown in its pension and health care "obligations", given that he won't take on the medical monopolies (despite having the law to do so) any more than tRump did.  If you live in Illinois GTFO -- now.

Ditto for Washington State.  Their proposal-based gun ban, and make no mistake that's effectively what it is, is flatly unconstitutional.  It's not like anyone has actually been shot over such a thing yet.  Oh wait.... they were, just the other day.  May the family responsible for that burn in Hell; I'll see you there *******s.

If you want something to smile about there is one item: Every Dem who was in a competitive state and piled on the Kavanaugh accuser lies lost.  All of them.  Heitkamp, Donnelly, McCaskill and Nelson all got deservedly butt****ed.  On the other hand Manchin was re-elected -- he was the Dem who broke ranks.  May I point out that is why the Senate did not flip?  Heh FeinSwine -- you and the rest are personally responsible for your party not having the Senate this morning -- that's a fact.

Liberal lies are going to be the reason the USSC -- and all the lesser courts -- go even further to the right and there's not only nothing you the LIEberals can do about it their campaign of lies is the reason it happened.

Now let's prosecute all of the fake accusers -- including Ford -- and throw them in prison where they belong.

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