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I think at a minimum any state with an AWB is out, so that excludes VT, MA, NY, CA, MD, NJ, OR, WA. AK is too cold. TX, AZ, CO, NV are out for being too CA-ish and too illegal friendly.

Every state is in on the healthcare bezel, so you're screwed from that point.

They all have budgets blown to hell by poor management, so that's a non-starter.

Needs to be predominantly red, IMHO, and should have reasonable growing season. I like the Carolina's but I think they're fairly blue, or controlled by blue counties. PA is nice, but I don't know, I feel it's a step away from falling in with MD/NJ/NY on pretty much everything.

Illinios is a bust, for many reasons.

Honestly, I think that leaves Idaho and the Dakotas, maybe Montana, Kentucky. Tennessee LOOKS nice, but the forums come up with some good reasons to avoid. Utah? Wyoming? WV?

Arkansas is out for supporting that ****-stain Clinton for so long. I don't advise coming to Massachusetts, though I love my state, it's a liberal hellhole. You might luck out with Maine, but BRRRRR.

Hawaii is beautiful to visit but ****, being half a planet away from everyone I care about? No thanks.

Honestly, the #1 thing for me is the AWB and other self-defense associated asshatery. I'm in Mass now and subject to such idiocy - if I move I'm not going to a place with similar bull****. Next on the list would be just how badly in debt obligations they are, and whether they have workable plans to address the issues, or can repudiate the promises.

Next would be corporate tax rates. I do hope to set up some small income generating businesses some day. Maybe which federal circuit is in control of the appellate courts - the 9th is straight out.

I have found something beautiful and wonderful friendly people in every place I've traveled to in this nation. I've made it to maybe 25 states? But some governments are intolerable and I can not support them in any manner. NY, which landlocks me from the rest of that nation, CA, DC itself.
2018-11-06 19:21:10