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User Info Winter Is Here; How Well-Prepared Are You?; entered at 2018-11-06 12:32:18
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@Steve98765 -- This is akin to what they tried here -- they spent the impounded funds for things like lunchroom refer maintenance and roofs, then came begging for more in a millage increase.

I spoke at their board meeting and told them I'd do whatever I could to defeat it and if there was a rule of law left in this country every member of the board would be in prison right here and now for violating their fiduciary duty to the county residents -- and asked the Sheriff who was there why he didn't immediately arrest the entire board. He didn't of course, but we DID defeat the measure. I also got a letter to the editor published on same.

So far it hasn't come back - we'll see if it STAYS gone. Odds are I'm ****ing gone with Gillum being elected before it all goes to **** here anyway.
2018-11-06 12:32:18