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User Info Defend The Difference, Please; entered at 2018-11-06 11:35:52
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Don't miss the point that the citizenry is also within their rights...

Yes, excellent point.

It would make an interesting case study, if some militia or just outright fed up citizen positioned him or herself along the US side of the Rio Grande with a long range rifle and scope. From a purely hypothetical perspective, I believe legally they'd be in no jeopardy in our legal system sending ordinance into Mexican territory, provided that any targets hit are in Mexico and not on US soil.
Of course, they might face charges in Mexico depending on what outcomes transpired, but presumably they'd have to be extradited first and Trump as President could affect that as well, by ordering Sessions not to have any extradition hearing.

I am not a lawyer and not advocating this, btw. I think the proper way to stop this is to send US troops to the border with enough guns and equipment to apprehend and forcibly expel any illegal crossers back into Mexico, or better yet load them up into a C-130, land in some base in Central America and then bus them outside the gates of the base, and send them away at gunpoint!

BTW one very good reason to send the military to do this job is that even if the apprehended invaders are on US soil, Trump can declare them "enemy combatants" or something and keep them outside the reaches of the legal system. No doubt the minute one of these roaches reaches US soil, somebody will file for an injunction to prevent them from being deported. However, if they are in military custody the entire time, good luck enforcing that one.

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2018-11-06 11:35:52