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User Info Winter Is Here; How Well-Prepared Are You?; entered at 2018-11-06 11:18:37
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Cortez is probably like some in our town when we had a referendum for a new High School. There was this local news reporter who asked a person leaving the polls if she voted Yes. She stated in the affirmative and the reporter asked what she thought of the large increase in our property taxes that would result.

TAXES? she said with dismay... I thought the Government was paying for it. Doh smiley

My favorite was a 2.5% over-ride four or 5 years ago, for sports teams and some full time ambo/paramedic guys for the fire department. As I was leaving a whole bunch of kids and a teacher were standing in the exit driveway asking if I voted. I said yes I did. They asked me if I supported the measure. I said no. When they asked why not, I told them I wanted their parents to have a few extra hundred dollars to put Christmas presents under the tree for them.

If looks could kill the cat butt face the teacher was sending me would have melted me AND my car, and all the kids were just looking at me wide eyed in astonishment. I like to think i opened up at least one mind to the neverending popoganda.
2018-11-06 11:18:37