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User Info Winter Is Here; How Well-Prepared Are You?; entered at 2018-11-06 11:01:28
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I'm just a few years younger that Karl, but remember vividly (maybe it was the summer of '74) hanging out at the school playground with my friends while making little arts and crafts rubber necklaces at a kids camp. One of the other kids showed me his "Nixon Sucks!" necklace he made, along with a peace sign. I think I went home and showed a similar one I made to my Mom & Dad, being about 7 at the time.

Having grown up and having to earn a living, today I voted largely to support local GOP candidates, though I have no real hope it will make any difference and refuse to do so out of blind tribal loyalty. Here in GA we have a complete nut-job running for Governor on the Dem side. The libertarian candidate was just about as bad, having a platform that at least identified the medical monopolies and cost gouging as the real problem, yet somehow they also support open borders and seem to not understand that the Constitution is there to restrain government, not protect illegal invaders. Sorry, cannot vote for you Mr. Metz.

I guess having a few more years of relative sanity from our state government was more important to me than voting for "Beezelbub" or Vlad the impaler. Though I did vote down all the superfluous constitutional amendments guaranteed to benefit some special interest, at the expense of the people.

At least we lost out on the Amazon HQ2 derby here, so that means we won't have another 25K hipster douches moving into town, jacking up housing prices and adding to the traffic nightmare that is Atlanta. Good luck with that, DC and Long Island City.

2018-11-06 11:01:28