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User Info Winter Is Here; How Well-Prepared Are You?; entered at 2018-11-06 10:19:50
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Good article. This may not be "the most important election of our lifetime", but it sure has been the most entertaining one of mine. Thank you President DT. You have my support.

I respect all those who vote NOTA. But I'm voting MAGA. I wholly concur with Robert J. Ringer who wrote: "It still baffles me why even the most moderate Republican or even an Independent or libertarian would vote for anyone who promises to raise taxes, increase business regulations, eliminate due process, welcome unlimited illegal aliens into the country, abolish ICE, implement socialism, and silence those who disagree with their radical policies and continue to label them racists, xenophobes, and purveyors of hate speech".

In other words: go ahead and NOT vote against Gillum and company, becuase the fairy butt-****s all begin once he and the Dirty Dems gets elected... You won't even be kissed first, just ****ed.
2018-11-06 10:19:50