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User Info Defend The Difference, Please; entered at 2018-11-06 08:26:19
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Registered: 2017-06-27 The People's Republic of New York
Mexico exists for us much like Russia does for Europe. in the case of the latter it keeps an Asiatic influence from overrunning Europe while suffering through the tortured development of its own culture and the ethnic mixing within its borders. Russia develops some notable strengths due to this and accomplishes much over the decades not without much pain. Russia needs for the foreseeable future a dictatorial governance system.

Mexico is a lower intelligence entity at the core of its pre colonization ethnic groups and lacks the Asian high IQ that Russia mixes with Eastern European stock. Mexico can not become another Russia for this reason any time soon. It is destined to be a more peasant culture to a large degree with the same neurotic tendencies of a non-cohesive culture. However the USA needs Mexico as a buffer much like Europe needs and must tolerate the risks of being neighbors with Russia.

Without Mexico we would have been overrun a long time ago by South Americans even worse than what we are dealing with today. At the same time Mexico would not allow itself to be the garbage can for them at our doorstep.

Some arrangement needs to be made where we assist Mexico in securing its own borders and maintaining its internal peace. If we simply enforce our borders which we should and must without accepting the price that Mexico pays for this, we will have a failed state at our borders and much greater problems. Any improvement in Mexico only makes them a greater target for hordes from their southern borders.

An ideal solution would be to build our own kill-zone at our border with the help and consent of Mexico while helping them to do the same on their other borders. politically this would be a good sell and necessary for a stable situation.
2018-11-06 08:26:19