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User Info Defend The Difference, Please; entered at 2018-11-06 01:48:51
Posts: 724
Registered: 2015-05-03 Vancouver WA
Eleua - In your wonderful post above you say "they send their armies with pregnant women"

If allowed to make it to the beautiful tents that DJT is setting up, these women and children will be front and center. The TV cameras will show small, hungry children being cradled in their mothers arms as she cries openly for her poor, poor child. And Don Lemon will be their crying as he holds her weak, weary and trembling hand.

But they are nothing more than props, just like the homeless guy asking for gas money carries an empty gas can. You can not show proper need if you don't have the right props.

For good, bad or indifference our politicians have twisted our laws to take advantage of our generosity. They have not just allowed people to cross our borders, they have paid them to come in steal our jobs and resources and have children. That is our problem as we elected these people and we sat by allowing it.

Now they send the army you speak of an army full of props, props that look like mothers and fathers. If these people truly cared so much about the children they want us to take pity on, why did they travel over a thousand miles without proper resources. And don't believe for a minute that, that poor child she is clutching is the only one. So who is watching after the others she left behind? And how long will it be before her other children are bused into those beautiful tent cities?

The people already here are our problem, we allowed our laws and generosity to be taken advantage of. The ones being bused up to our borders are a true invasion force and there is a huge difference.

God I hope Don Lemon gets right on this.

2018-11-06 01:48:51