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User Info Defend The Difference, Please; entered at 2018-11-06 01:18:34
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Registered: 2015-05-03 Vancouver WA
Tickerguy axs "Well?"

Let me check what Don Lemon has to say...... JUST KIDDING!!!!!

Of course there is no difference. Theft is theft and if you, I or our neighbors are not allowed to protect what we have worked for why should we bother to work?

Some have nicer houses than me, some have nicer cars and clothes and larger bank accounts than I. What amount do those someone need to have before I can say, they have too much I am going to take it?

Some people have worked damn hard to gain the things they have, others may have inherited it or just gotten lucky. With few exceptions and theft being one of them, at what point is it ok for me to take it from them?

Of course it is never ok. And when the rule of law fails us we can either choose to be milquetoasts and after the first person gets away with stealing your stuff they WILL tell their friends. "Hey milquetoast down the street had this sweet 55" tv, and car, he just sat their and watched me take it." "You want to go back with me, so we can force him to cook us dinner while we******his wife and kick his dog" OR we can do the right thing and try and defend what is rightfully ours.

As American's we have inherited a great nation and without working to defend it we WILL end up like our Native American brothern....or as history has shown in countless instances - Worse.

But none of you need to worry about me, cuz I am going to stick it to the man by huffing this can of Raid and investing in Crypto
2018-11-06 01:18:34