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User Info Defend The Difference, Please; entered at 2018-11-05 15:54:35
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It comes down to how far are you willing to go to enforce your law. If the lawbreakers are "all in," so must be the law defenders, and that almost always comes down to deadly force.

If I decide that the speed limit on the main thoroughfare by my house needs to be 75, and the county decides it is 45, I'm going to drive 75. If the sheriff attempts to pull me over, I'll just keep on driving. At some point, the sheriff needs to decide how badly I need to be stopped. At some point, GIVEN MY VIEW THAT I AM ALL IN ON BREAKING THE LAW, the sheriff will shoot me dead. Yes, it won't happen until he gives me ample opportunity to pull over, pay a ticket, run a road block, evade police, etc. At some point, I will be killed for my views on how I am going to violate the law.

It would be one thing if I was doing 75 in a 45, and the sheriff opened the bidding by killing me on the spot. He won't. If he eventually kills me, it will be directly related to my insistence on breaking the law. IT WILL BE MY DECISION TO "GO THERE" and force him to kill me.

If not, the speed limit now becomes 75, if not 85. The law is done.

In our society, it is "Lex Regum," meaning the law is king.

Now, scale it up to repelling invasions, which is JOB #1 for the President...

In days of yore, if women wanted to come to a new land and take the resources to raise their kids, they first had to send their men into the land, with armaments, and forcibly take it from the men, WOMEN, and CHILDREN of those that lived there. After the land was forcibly seized, the women moved in and colonization began.

Hitler had this in mind during his time in office. The land to the East of Germany was to be taken by force, in a war of annihilation, and the space given to the Volk. Hitler used armored columns to make his play, and it almost worked.

Well, in modern times, things are different. Latins don't send tanks, APCs, and divisions of light infantry, as they know the Gringos would put them down in a most grotesque fashion. Nope, they send their armies with pregnant women, the elderly, infirm, criminals, and the hopelessly poor. They come to America and colonize. It becomes transformed into their language, religion, culture, and they demand the treasury of the US be used to pay for them.

Their close air support is the video camera and the broadcasting of it by traitors in our land. They know, for absolute certain, that we won't forcibly put down the women, elderly, and poor, because it would look bad. We would be the Nazis. We would be the black hats.

Modern warfare is the same as old warfare. You invade and displace the population, take their resources, and impose your culture. The only difference is that the new invaders, be they Latins coming over the US/Mex border, or the streams invading Europe from the Middle East and North Africa, are not coming with arms, but with cameras and sob stories.

At some point, whether it be this caravan, the next, or the twentieth, they will ratchet up the bidding to make it only possible to enforce by lethal means. That means we will look bad on CNN, unless those are made to be traitors first. We did it in the Adams, Lincoln, Wilson, and Roosevelt administrations.

Does treason get protection of the First Amendment? smiley. Only a stupid population would protect that.

It is going to suck, and the images are going to be bad. Warfare is NEVER, EVER clean, neat, and morally clear. WW2 certainly wasn't. The US committed loads of "war crimes" in every theater. We did shoot POWs during Overlord, as we didn't have the manpower or time to process them. Had cameras been imbedded with the invasion forces, who knows how that would have turned out.

Just because they invade with pregnant women rather than tanks doesn't change the circumstances. Nobody is being shot for wanting a better life. They are being shot because they don't respect our laws and borders. If you want to come to the US, come her in accordance with our laws, which are, by far, the most generous in the history of the species.
2018-11-05 15:54:35